Our Show of Summer Replacement Shows

Our Show of Summer Replacement Shows

We’re about to release the last episode of this season of our little podcast, and we’ll promptly begin recording new episodes for release in Autumn. In the meantime, Tom just came up with a great idea for our “Summer replacement series.” We’re going to pick individual episodes of the various old time radio series we’ve talked about so far, and release those into our podcast feed. That would include…

Fibber McGee and Molly (Dan’s favorite episode, “Skating at Dugan’s Lake”)

Yours Truly, Johnny Dollar (an hour-long compilation of one story arc)


Various shows discussed in our “British Sampler” and “Radio Vs. Nazis & the Klan” episodes

Some choice Orson Welles content

…along with The Adventures of Hercule Poirot, The Les Paul and Mary Ford Show, Broadway is My Beat, Yiddish Radio, The Damon Runyon Theatre, and more.

In the Autumn, we plan to return to our bi-weekly podcast, but on alternate weeks, we’ll drop in single episodes of the shows we’ll be talking about in our next episode. Why didn’t we think of this before?

Don’t forget to email us with comments or suggestions for future episodes.



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