The Old Ballgame Podcast

The Old Ballgame Podcast

Your Home For Off Season Baseball

Baseball fans the world over lament the off season. More so when seasons are cut short due to the wilds of the universe. The Old Ballgame Podcast will be a place for those seeking games in the off season to hear a historic ballgame and maybe keep score.

We are offering the Home and Away Scorecards for all the games we are broadcasting. The Starting Roster and other Game Day information will already be filled in for you. You will find them on the Schedule. Click on the Home and Away links, print them out, and score along with the game. You can find all the Scorecards we have ready at

Please let us know what you think about the format and if you have any suggestions. You can reach us at

Schedule For Februay & March 2021

Podcast DateGame AudioAway ScorecardHome Scorecard
02-01-20211970 04 07 NewYorkMetsvsPittsburghPirates OpeningDayAway ScorecardHome Scorecard
02-03-20211970 04 18 MetsvsPhilliesAway ScorecardHome Scorecard
02-05-20211970 04 22 PadresvsNewYorkMetsAway ScorecardHome Scorecard
02-07-20211970 06 28 PittsburghPiratesvsChicagoCubAway ScorecardHome Scorecard
02-09-20211970 07 05 WashingtonSenatorsvsNewYorkYankeeAway ScorecardHome Scorecard
02-11-20211970 10 10 OriolesvsRedsAway ScorecardHome Scorecard
02-13-20211970 10 11 OriolesvsRedsAway ScorecardHome Scorecard
02-15-20211970 10 13 OriolesvsRedsAway ScorecardHome Scorecard
02-17-20211970 10 14 OriolesvsRedsAway ScorecardHome Scorecard
02-19-20211970 10 15 OriolesvsRedsAway ScorecardHome Scorecard
02-22-20211971 05 06 AngelsVsBaltimoreOriolesAway ScorecardHome Scorecard
02-24-20211971 08 12 SanDiegoPadresVsNewYorkMetsAway ScorecardHome Scorecard
02-26-20211971 08 14 PiratesVsCardinalsAway ScorecardHome Scorecard
02-28-20211971 09 30 SenatorsFinalGame WashingtonvsYankeesAway ScorecardHome Scorecard
03-01-20211971 09 30 SanFranciscoGiantsvsPadreAway ScorecardHome Scorecard
03-03-20211971 WorldSeriesGame1Away ScorecardHome Scorecard
03-05-20211971 WorldSeriesGame2Away ScorecardHome Scorecard
03-07-20211971 WorldSeriesGame3Away ScorecardHome Scorecard
03-09-20211971 WorldSeriesGame4Away ScorecardHome Scorecard
03-11-20211971 WorldSeriesGame5Away ScorecardHome Scorecard
03-13-20211971 WorldSeriesGame6Away ScorecardHome Scorecard
03-15-20211971 WorldSeriesGame7Away ScorecardHome Scorecard

How To Listen

You can listen to the games by putting this podcast feed ( ) in the podcast player of your choice.

You can also listen to the games at your own pace from the Schedule.

All the audio for these games can be found on the amazing Internet Archive at . Much thanks to olyphant21 for putting these up.

How To Keep Score

Keeping a scorecard of the game as it happens is part of the ritual of baseball for many fans. If you never kept a scorecard now is your chance to learn a new skill. Head on over to

Note About The Scorecard Data: 
The information used for the scorecards was obtained free of charge from and is copyrighted by Retrosheet.
Interested parties may contact Retrosheet at "".