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Episode 03 : Gunsmoke

Episode 03 : Gunsmoke

This episode, we talk about the great 1950s radio western, Gunsmoke (and, as much as possible, we avoid talking about the mediocre TV version). Gunsmoke was the first radio western made strictly for adults, and its creators originally intended Marshall Matt Dillon to be a sort of Philip Marlow of the Old West, but the show quickly grew into a complex, often dark drama that went to some really harrowing places. We veer off topic into the original Maltese Falcon prop (which sat on Gunsmoke star William Conrad’s mantle for years) and the cast’s connections to Rocky & Bullwinkle, Star Trek, and the Keebler cookies, but we eventually circle back to talk about the curse of being Matt Dillon, why Fort Laramie is no Gunsmoke, and we discuss the pioneering disabled woman who wrote 80 of the last 200 episodes of the show, Marion Clark. And Dan still doesn’t have a good tag line.
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Episode 02 : Yours Truly Johnny Dollar

Episode 02 : Yours Truly Johnny Dollar

Podcast Date: 05/26/17

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  • Dan and Tom explore the man with the action packed expense account, Yours Truly Johnny Dollar. From  cookie cutter detective show to the golden era of Bob Bailey & Jack Johnstone to the end of old time radio itself we take the journey through the highs and lows of this show. We also look at the lasting legacy of the show, from parody to comics to a recent mention on the Samantha Bee show.

Yours Truly The Johnny Dollar Daily Podcast

  Don Klees “The Real Johnny Dollar Matter” Documentary


UPDATE: And here it is, an episode of the Iranian Johnny Dollar!

Episode 0 – Introductions

Episode 0 – Introductions

Our Show of Shows Episode 000

Show#: 000

Recording Date: 04/20/17

Podcast Date: 04/21/17

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(We recorded this partly to check our equipment and partly to introduce ourselves. We didn’t really stick closely to our show notes, so we ran a bit longer than I anticipated.)


  • How we both got into OTR. Dan asks Tom about the history of OTR collecting.
  • Some shows we want to cover in upcoming episodes, and why.
  • Episode 1 will be…  Fibber McGee & Molly

Future Episodes will include

  • Gunsmoke
  • Yours Truly, Johnny Dollar
  • Orson Welles’s radio years (possibly a 2-parter)
  • Jean Shepherd
  • The Goon Show
  • ETC.

Hidden Gems in the Internet Archive

(TOM SAYS: This was meant to be included as a part of the show as it will be a regular segment, but rambling occurred and it wound up being used as the outro music. Enjoy. )

Dan’s Pick this episode… “The Cliff Edwards Show

(DAN SAYS: If Cliff “Ukulele Ike” Edwards (1895 – 1971) is known at all today, it’s probably only for providing the voice of Jiminy Cricket, but his records topped the charts in the 1920s. In 1944, he had a transcribed music show. Each episode of The Cliff Edwards Show is a mere 11 minutes long — just time for Cliff and a a small jazz combo to perform five very short songs. I seriously doubt this had a regular time slot on any network; it seems to be designed to allow a local announcer to mention a sponsor. has ten episodes: fifteen files, but only 10 episodes. This version of Stumblin’ comes from episode 3.)