The Old Ballgame Podcast

The Old Ballgame Podcast

Your Home For Off Season Baseball

Baseball fans the world over lament the off season. More so when seasons are cut short due to the wilds of the universe. The Old Ballgame Podcast will be a place for those seeking games in the off times to hear a historic ballgame and maybe keep score.

How To Listen

You can listen to the games by putting this podcast feed ( ) in the podcast player of your choice or click the player below and listen to today’s game right here.

Seeing as we are just starting out this podcast we are going to try a few things this month. First, some older games. There are not as many of the older years broadcasts so they are mostly the Big Games of the year. Then for the remainder of the month we are going to journey thru the 1964 season…and what a season it is. Please let us know what you think about the format and if you have any suggestions . you can reach us at

We are working on autogenerating the Home and Away Scorecards for all the games we are broadcasting. The Starting Roster and other Game Day information will already be filled in for you. You will find them right here on the Schedule. Click on the links, print them out, and score along with the game.

Schedule For December 2020

Podcast Date GameHome ScorecardAway Scorecard
12 01-1940-07-09 All Star Game at Sportsmans Park St.Louis
12 02-1941-07-08 All Star Game at Briggs Stadium Detroit
12 03-1941-10-01 World Series Game 1 Dodgers vs Yankees
12 04-1941-10-02 World Series Game 2 Dodger vs Yankees
12 05-1941-10-05 World Series Game 4 Yankees vs Dodgers
12 06-1964-04-15 Mets vs Phillies
12 07-1964-04-16 RedSox At Yankees Opening Day
12 08-1964-04-17First Game At Shea Mets Vs Pirates
12 09-1964-04-18Yankees At Orioles
12 10-1964-04-22Reds At Colt45s
12 11-1964-04-23 Reds At Colt45s
12 12-1964-05-31 Yankees At Athletics
12 13-1964-06-21 Mets At Phillies
12 14-1964-07-07 All Star Game At Shea Stadium
12 15-1964-07-18 Mets At Cardinals
12 16-1964-08-16 Phillies At Mets
12 17-1964-08-23 Cubs At Mets
12 18-1964-08-30 Red Sox At Yankees
12 19-1964-09-07 Colt45s At Mets
12 20-1964-09-13 Mets A tDodgers
12 21-1964-09-27 Dodgers At Astros
12 22-1964-09-27 Yankees At Senators
12 23-1964-10-04 Mets vs Cardinals
12 24-1964-10-07 World Series Game 1
12 25-1964-10-08 World Series Game 2
12 26-1964-10-10 World Series Game 3
12 27-1964-10-11 World Series Game 4
12 28-1964-10-12 World Series Game 5
12 29-1964-10-14 World Series Game 6
12 30-1964-10-15 World Series Game 7

How To Keep Score

Keeping a scorecard of the game as it happens is part of the ritual of baseball for many fans. If you never kept a scorecard now is your chance to learn a new skill. Head on over to

You can print the Home and Away score cards listed on the Schedule, these already have the Starting Rosters and other game information filled in. You can print out this blank score card or you might even have some of your own. The Starting Roster for each game is listed above so you can fill out your blanks as you want.

Starting Rooster Data

DateDayVisitorHomeDayOrNightAttendanceTimeHP Ump1B Ump2B Ump3B UmpLF UmpRF UmpVisit ManagerHome ManagerVisit Starting PitcherHome Starting PitcherVisit StarterVisit StarterVisit StarterVisit StarterVisit StarterVisit StarterVisit StarterVisit StarterVisit StarterHome StarterHome StarterHome StarterHome StarterHome StarterHome StarterHome StarterHome StarterHome Starter
19640415WedNYNNLPHINLN8528158Ken BurkhartEd SudolPaul PryorFrank Secory(none)(none)Casey StengelGene MauchTracy StallardJim BunningEd Kranepool9Tim Harkness3Ron Hunt5Jesse Gonder2Frank Thomas7Larry Elliot8Amado Samuel4Al Moran6Tracy Stallard1Tony Taylor4Dick Allen5Tony Gonzalez8Johnny Callison9Wes Covington7Roy Sievers3Clay Dalrymple2Bobby Wine6Jim Bunning1Y
19640416ThuBOSALNYAALD12709188Eddie HurleyRed FlahertyBill HallerSam Carrigan(none)(none)Johnny PeskyYogi BerraBill MonbouquetteWhitey FordChuck Schilling4Eddie Bressoud6Carl Yastrzemski7Frank Malzone5Dick Stuart3Lou Clinton9Tony Conigliaro8Bob Tillman2Bill Monbouquette1Phil Linz6Bobby Richardson4Roger Maris9Mickey Mantle8Tom Tresh7Joe Pepitone3Elston Howard2Clete Boyer5Whitey Ford1Y
19640417FriPITNLNYNNLD50312162Tom GormanBill WilliamsVinnie SmithChris Pelekoudas(none)(none)Danny MurtaughCasey StengelBob FriendJack FisherDick Schofield6Bill Virdon8Roberto Clemente9Willie Stargell7Donn Clendenon3Bob Bailey5Bill Mazeroski4Jim Pagliaroni2Bob Friend1Tim Harkness3George Altman9Ron Hunt5Jesse Gonder2Frank Thomas7Jim Hickman8Amado Samuel6Larry Burright4Jack Fisher1
19640418SatNYAALBALALD12433191Bill KinnamonJim HonochickEd RungeAl Smith(none)(none)Yogi BerraHank BauerAl DowningRobin RobertsPhil Linz6Bobby Richardson4Roger Maris9Mickey Mantle8Tom Tresh7Joe Pepitone3Elston Howard2Clete Boyer5Al Downing1Jackie Brandt8Luis Aparicio6Boog Powell7Norm Siebern3John Orsino2Sam Bowens9Brooks Robinson5Jerry Adair4Robin Roberts1
19640423ThuBOSALBALALN9636141Al SmithBill KinnamonJim HonochickEd Runge(none)(none)Johnny PeskyHank BauerDave MoreheadRobin RobertsChuck Schilling4Eddie Bressoud6Carl Yastrzemski7Frank Malzone5Dick Stuart3Tony Conigliaro8Lou Clinton9Russ Nixon2Dave Morehead1Jackie Brandt8Luis Aparicio6Norm Siebern3Boog Powell7John Orsino2Willie Kirkland9Brooks Robinson5Jerry Adair4Robin Roberts1
19640531SunNYAALKC1ALD18764146Al SalernoBill McKinleyNestor ChylakHank Soar(none)(none)Yogi BerraEd LopatAl DowningJohn O’DonoghueTony Kubek6Bobby Richardson4Hector Lopez7Roger Maris9Tom Tresh8Elston Howard2Joe Pepitone3Clete Boyer5Al Downing1Wayne Causey6Nelson Mathews8George Alusik7Rocky Colavito9Ed Charles5Doc Edwards3Dick Green4Charlie Lau2John O’Donoghue1
19640621SunPHINLNYNNLD0139Ed SudolPaul PryorFrank SecoryKen Burkhart(none)(none)Gene MauchCasey StengelJim BunningTracy StallardJohn Briggs8John Herrnstein3Johnny Callison9Dick Allen5Wes Covington7Tony Taylor4Cookie Rojas6Gus Triandos2Jim Bunning1Jim Hickman8Ron Hunt4Ed Kranepool3Joe Christopher9Jesse Gonder2Hawk Taylor7Charley Smith6Amado Samuel5Tracy Stallard1
19640621SunPHINLNYNNLD32026171Paul PryorFrank SecoryKen BurkhartEd Sudol(none)(none)Gene MauchCasey StengelRick WiseFrank LaryJohn Briggs8John Herrnstein3Johnny Callison9Dick Allen5Wes Covington7Tony Taylor4Cookie Rojas6Clay Dalrymple2Rick Wise1Jim Hickman8Ron Hunt4Ed Kranepool3Joe Christopher9Jesse Gonder2Hawk Taylor7Charley Smith6Amado Samuel5Frank Lary1
19640718SatNYNNLSLNNLD9424193Tom GormanChris PelekoudasBill WilliamsVinnie Smith(none)(none)Casey StengelJohnny KeaneAl JacksonGlen HobbieRon Hunt4Larry Elliot8Joe Christopher9George Altman7Hawk Taylor2Tim Harkness3Charley Smith5Roy McMillan6Al Jackson1Julian Javier4Lou Brock7Dick Groat6Ken Boyer5Bill White3Charlie James9Mike Shannon8Bob Uecker2Glen Hobbie1
19640816SunPHINLNYNNLD24486166Paul PryorFrank SecoryKen BurkhartEd Sudol(none)(none)Gene MauchCasey StengelArt MahaffeyGalen CiscoTony Gonzalez8Dick Allen5Johnny Callison9Wes Covington7Clay Dalrymple2Frank Thomas3Tony Taylor4Bobby Wine6Art Mahaffey1Bobby Klaus5Ron Hunt4Ed Kranepool3Joe Christopher9George Altman7Jim Hickman8Chris Cannizzaro2Roy McMillan6Galen Cisco1
19640823SunCHNNLNYNNLD0183Bill JackowskiShag CrawfordEd VargoAl Forman(none)(none)Bob KennedyCasey StengelBob BuhlGalen CiscoJoey Amalfitano4Doug Clemens9Billy Williams7Ron Santo5Ernie Banks3Billy Cowan8Dick Bertell2Andre Rodgers6Bob Buhl1Bobby Klaus5Ron Hunt4Joe Christopher9Ed Kranepool3Jim Hickman8Charley Smith7Chris Cannizzaro2Roy McMillan6Galen Cisco1
19640823SunCHNNLNYNNLD27008170Shag CrawfordEd VargoAl FormanBill Jackowski(none)(none)Bob KennedyCasey StengelDick EllsworthDennis RibantJimmy Stewart4Doug Clemens9Billy Williams7Ron Santo5Len Gabrielson3Billy Cowan8Jimmie Schaffer2Andre Rodgers6Dick Ellsworth1Bobby Klaus5Ron Hunt4Joe Christopher9George Altman7Jim Hickman8Charley Smith6Ed Kranepool3Chris Cannizzaro2Dennis Ribant1
19640830SunBOSALNYAALD23256150Bill HallerEddie HurleySam CarriganRed Flaherty(none)(none)Johnny PeskyYogi BerraBob HeffnerMel StottlemyreDalton Jones4Felix Mantilla7Carl Yastrzemski8Dick Stuart3Lee Thomas9Frank Malzone5Eddie Bressoud6Bob Tillman2Bob Heffner1Phil Linz6Pedro Gonzalez4Tom Tresh7Mickey Mantle8Joe Pepitone3Johnny Blanchard2Hector Lopez9Clete Boyer5Mel Stottlemyre1
19640907MonHOUNLNYNNLD0170Paul PryorFrank SecoryKen BurkhartEd Sudol(none)(none)Harry CraftCasey StengelHal BrownAl JacksonEddie Kasko6Bob Lillis4Joe Gaines9Walt Bond3Bob Aspromonte5Mike White7Carroll Hardy8Jerry Grote2Hal Brown1Rod Kanehl4Ed Kranepool3Joe Christopher9George Altman7Charley Smith5Larry Elliot8Chris Cannizzaro2Roy McMillan6Al Jackson1
19640907MonHOUNLNYNNLD22123152Frank SecoryKen BurkhartEd SudolPaul Pryor(none)(none)Harry CraftCasey StengelDon LarsenJack FisherEddie Kasko6Nellie Fox4Al Spangler7Walt Bond3Bob Aspromonte5Joe Gaines9Carroll Hardy8John Hoffman2Don Larsen1Rod Kanehl4Ed Kranepool3Joe Christopher9George Altman7Jim Hickman8Jesse Gonder2Charley Smith5Roy McMillan6Jack Fisher1
19640927SunNYAALWS2ALD14985170Al SmithEd RungeBob StewartJim Honochick(none)(none)Yogi BerraGil HodgesWhitey FordBennie DanielsPhil Linz6Bobby Richardson4Roger Maris8Mickey Mantle7Elston Howard2Joe Pepitone3Tom Tresh9Clete Boyer5Whitey Ford1Chuck Cottier4Don Zimmer5Chuck Hinton7Don Lock8Roy Sievers3Fred Valentine9Ed Brinkman6Mike Brumley2Bennie Daniels1
19640927SunLANNLHOUNLD6246170Tony VenzonLee WeyerJocko ConlanDoug Harvey(none)(none)Walter AlstonLum HarrisDon DrysdaleBob BruceDick Tracewski6Derrell Griffith9Willie Davis8Tommy Davis7John Roseboro2Ron Fairly3Nate Oliver4Bart Shirley5Don Drysdale1Al Spangler7Joe Morgan4Rusty Staub9Walt Bond3Bob Aspromonte5Jim Wynn8Eddie Kasko6Jerry Grote2Bob Bruce1
19641004SunNYNNLSLNNLD30146186Ed VargoAl FormanBill JackowskiShag Crawford(none)(none)Casey StengelJohnny KeaneGalen CiscoCurt SimmonsBobby Klaus4Roy McMillan6Joe Christopher9Jim Hickman8Charley Smith5Hawk Taylor2Ed Kranepool3George Altman7Galen Cisco1Curt Flood8Lou Brock7Bill White3Ken Boyer5Dick Groat6Tim McCarver2Mike Shannon9Dal Maxvill4Curt Simmons1
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